The Link


Save Time

  • Easy to use story index - upon request - The Link will provide an easy-to-use index with each transmission, allowing you to view the stories contained therein at a quick glance.
  • Arrives as timely news - No more delays receiving your news as a result of holiday mail, slow mail service, incorrect postage or "lost" items.
  • Delivered as you request - The Link can deliver your news releases by email, fax or modem, on the days and times that you request.
  • Reduce mail sorting - No longer will time-sensitive news be missed while en-route from your mailroom.
  • Delivered to your computer, allowing for easy editing and purging - Simply copy and paste the news items you want, delete the rest.
  • Virus Checking - We check all releases to make sure they are virus free before leaving our system.

Saving Money

  • Eliminates cost of rekeying and proofing - Your staff time is valuable, and running correction notices is costly. Because news from The Link arrives electronically, there is no need to re-key or proof, simply cut and paste the story right into the newspaper column or a story you can localize.
  • No service fee to the media - The Link service is absolutely FREE to any participating media.
  • Doesn't require a dedicated phone line - The Link will work with the equipment you already have - no need for special set-up or phone lines.

Choose a method of distribution:

  • Email - Tell us the email address where you want to receive your releases and we'll do the rest. News is distributed in a text format. Photos and art are available on our website
  • Modem - The Link will set up a modem transmission connecting directly to your computer at the phone number and time you designate.
  • Fax - Fax transmissions are available to all media preferring this method of distribution.


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